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Eco-friendly Rattan Reed Diffuser Infused with Aromatherapy Essential Oils - A Soothing Experience for Any Space

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This luxurious eco-friendly rattan reed diffuser is designed to naturally release our signature pure essential oil blends that evoke memories of serene and tranquil gardens, exciting summer days, romantic moments, and joyful holidays. It is uniquely designed to fill any space with lasting aroma.
Diffuser is 100% natural, plastic free and no synthetic fragrances. It makes a wonderful and lasting impression to anyone who receives it as a gift.
Reed Diffuser contains 4 fluid ounces of a pure essential oil infusion in an exquisite 5 ounce amber bottle. Bottle measures 4.25" in height and rattan reeds are 10" long. The bottle is made of recycled glass. Cap it with a Portuguese eco-friendly cork when not in use. The oils come in a beautiful old-fashioned cobalt blue bottle and a metal cap.

We offer three purchasing options:

1 - Entire set (Amber bottle with cork, rattan reeds, and cobalt bottle with your choice of aroma
2 - 4oz cobalt glass bottle refill only
3 - 4oz cobalt glass bottle with Rattan reeds

Refills are available for better savings.

If you choose to have the gift box wrapped you may add your personalized text at checkout. We'll include it in the card.

Gift box comes beautifully wrapped in colorful gift paper, with a bow, and the option of a personalized card. The gift box is shipped inside a bigger box.

All glass products are wrapped in recycled paper. The box is eco-conscious as we do not use any plastic wrappers, fillers, or plastic tape.


Algarve Orchard
Sun drenched citrus aromas of orange, tangerine, bergamot, and lemon bring you the freshest, sweetest memories of marvelous unforgettable summers.

Freshness and uplifting aromas of mostly peppermint and spearmint essential oils that can make any room an ideal place to be in.

Step into the island garden of the Atlantic, Madeira island. Flowery aromas of ylang ylang and palmarosa blend with spicy and herbaceous notes of cassia and bay leaf to match the unforgettable beautiful vistas of this gorgeous island, home of the great Cristiano Ronaldo.

Spring Garden
Flowers are for all seasons, but this blend is so fresh that remind us of spring. The blend has notes of Lavender, ylang ylang, jasmine, and frankincense.

Blend of refreshing aromas that clear the air, help you breath better and purifies the air and spirit with notes of lemongrass, rosemary, lavender, tea tree, and vetiver.

Fall Leaves
When chillier air arrives there's nothing better than a refreshing scent of pine, with lingering summer lemon aroma mixed with cedarwood and rosemary.

Spiced Pumpkin
Wonderful blend of deep fall sentiment where spices meet woodsy, citrus and sweet aromas. The blend is exquisite with notes of bergamot, orange, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and cassia.


Eucalyptus,  Cedarwood,  Cinnamon,  Frankincense, Lavender,  Orange,  Peppermint,  Pine,  Rosemary


Shake well before pouring into amber glass bottle.

Take them out, flip them over, and get a fresh burst of scent.

Remove reeds and cover amber bottle with the included sustainable, eco-friendly, beautiful cork from the forests of Lusitania land.


Amber recycled glass bottle:
4" L x 2.5" W x 1.5" H
Cobalt glass bottle:
6" L x 2" W
Rattan reeds:
10" L

Made in USA 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lavender diffuser

I bought for my sister for Christmas. After having bought the spiced pumpkin for myself and loving it, I wanted to share with others.

I sent her the lavender and she was very happy with it. Fresh, natural lavender calms everyone within scent. Strong scent, lingers long. Couldn't be more satisfied.

Geoff M

Very high quality set. Shipped very fast and well packaged. Pumpkin spice smells so authentic and pure. Setting up in my bathroom.

Thank you for the full bar of soap, smells amazing. My favorite shop on etsy! By far.

Alice B

Very fresh, I love it! A friend smelled this in my house and immediately bought it too


Packaged very well and love the smell!

Pedro N

One of a few go-to scents for refills. It's a beautiful and clean pine scent.